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Songs for the Journey – Brisbane 2015

For all Parish Musicians, Cantors, Choir Members, Conductors, Clergy, Music and RE Teachers, Catechists and all who love sung prayer.

An inspiring event!

The Second APMN Conference – Songs for the Journey, was held in Brisbane 1-3 October 2015.

The Conference features keynote speakers as follows:

  • Composer Marty Haugen
  • Theology lecturer Dr Maeve Heaney VDMF
  • Faith and Culture lecturer Rev Dr Richard Leonard SJ

Workshop presenters include:

  • John Burland
  • Andrew Chinn
  • Michael Herry
  • Amanda McKenna
  • Geoffrey Madden
  • Michael Mangan
  • Paul Mason
  • Sophy Morley
  • Jenny O’Brien
  • Monica O’Brien
  • Gina Ogilvie

Conference Keynote and Workshop Sessions

Keynote: Jesus, the Face of God’s Mercy: The Challenging Vision of the Jubilee Year.

Marty Haugen

Pope Francis has declared the upcoming liturgical year as a “Jubilee of Mercy.” He calls us to be merciful “just as God is merciful.” What a challenging vision! How can our worship nurture, support and inspire in us a deeper and more faithful life of mercy?

Master Class: Singing Mercy

Marty Haugen

This session will explore how the theme of mercy can be incorporated into Sunday Eucharistic celebrations, as well as exploring the possibility of ecumenical and inter-faith prayer services on mercy.

The following material is available for download:

Keynote: Laudato Sí: Singing the Canticle of Creation with Francis

Marty Haugen

The words of Francis of Assisi’s beautiful canticle of creation—“Praise be to you, my Lord”—open Pope Francis’ powerful encyclical on the environment. Using the words of Pope Paul VI, he calls all people on earth to a “radical change in conduct.” How can our liturgies, especially the Sacrament of the Eucharist, reflect and participate in the spirit of this encyclical? How are we bound up through the Paschal Mystery in the life of all creation?

The following material is available for download:

Master Class: Celebrating with All of Creation

Marty Haugen

This master class will consider lectionary themes around the holiness of creation and Christian engagement in the life of the world; we will also consider how the seasons of nature in the southern hemisphere and the liturgical year can reflect the Paschal Mystery.

The following material is available for download:

Keynote: Music, Mission and Culture: How Our Song Sends the Assembly Forth to Live What We Proclaim.

Rev Dr Richard Leonard SJ

Liturgy is the place where God’s great love meets our frailty. Liturgical music plays an indispensable role in gathering a community that is meant to be hospitable, bold, inclusive and Catholic. But public prayer is never just for us alone. We are sent out to live and proclaim our faith in the real world. What does the world look like to which we are sent? What questions is the world posing to us, and how can the song of our assemblies enable us to find a voice in the world?

Keynote: For Such a Time As This: A Spirituality of Music

Dr Maeve Heaney VDMF

Sacred Scripture seems to suggest that music is an essential aspect of a biblically grounded spirituality: “Sing unto the lord a new song”, we are invited by the psalmist. And yet, it would appear that in this current cultural moment we inhabit, music has a particular role to play: why?  What is it about music that is so helpful to Christian faith? And why is that becoming ever more central in the “just such a time as this” (Esther 4:14) we live in? This paper will propose keys to situate and answer these fundamental questions on the nature of music and the role it has to play in contemporary Christian and Catholic culture.

Songs for the Journey

Willow Publishing

Be uplifted as you join with your favourite Australian liturgical and Contemporary Christian music songwriters to sing ‘something old and something new’ from the As One Voice collections and the latest releases from Willow Publishing. Experience the joy of singing as one voice.

Enriching Children’s Journey in Faith through the Power of Song

John Burland

As religious educators we recognise the power of music to enrich our children’s journey in faith.  Music deepens understanding, adds enjoyment to learning, nurtures prayer and fosters celebration. Using song, John will demonstrate how music can be incorporated i into religious education as a highly effective teaching and learning strategy.  A variety of age appropriate music that deepens understanding of Scripture, doctrine, Church seasons, the Mass and the Sacraments will be shared and discussed.  Come join us as we journey in faith through the power of song!

Music Liturgy for the Marginally Musical

Dr Geoffrey Madden

A discussion and demonstration of ways to lead the assembly in singing when musicians are thin on the ground.

The following material is available for download:

Music and RE It Was Meant to Be


Tips and tools on how to use music (particularly new Catholic music) to help teach the RE curriculum in primary and secondary classrooms.

The Heart of Praise & Worship

Sean McGrath (emmanuelworship)

For some praise & worship can this unknown or strange way of praying. The scriptures are filled with words of encouragement to praise God through song. There is a new generation of young people that are encountering Jesus through praise & worship and we, as a Church, have a responsibility to share this and lead the way with showing the heart of praise & worship. Come along to gain more understanding of this topic and to hear how this can be a great form of evangelisation.

Song-Writing for the New Evangelisation

Stephen Kirk

Songs have a unique, powerful place in the New Evangelisation: able to speak directly to the heart, meet people where they are at, and enable them to hear the Good News without the barriers of preconceptions that we all carry. This workshop looks at practical considerations for writing songs that convey the truths and sounds of heaven in the music of earth.

Using music to unlock the power and beauty of the Eucharist for all

Stephen Kirk

The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith, and music plays a critical role in drawing people into the mystery and wonder contained in the liturgy. This workshop explores the Eucharist, the role music plays in the Eucharist, and what the Church teaches about using music to unlock the beauty and power of the Mass for people of all ages.

‘In Your Footsteps, Lord’ – the ‘Holy Ground’ of Music and Prayer.

Br Michael Herry

New and beautiful music for liturgy and prayer, hymns to Mary, new mass settings , Gospel chants and other ‘Journey’ songs and psalm settings.

The following material is available for download:

This We Believe: Songs for Sacramental Initiation with Children

Michael Mangan

Using music to enhance preparation and celebration of Sacraments of Initiation.

This Is the Time: Songs for the Seasons

Michael Mangan

Using and choosing songs to celebrate the liturgical seasons.

The following material is available for download:

Introduction to Liturgical Songwriting

Amanda McKenna

Have you ever thought about composing songs for use in liturgy but didn’t know where to start? This introduction to the world of liturgical songwriting is the workshop for you.

Live Louder: The power of music to empower and inspire.

Steph Unger

Music is a powerful tool to empower and inspire. Live Louder helps you realise the power that music has to power up and gives you the tools you need to use music to empower and inspire others.

Music Bridging Catholic and Anglican Liturgy

Josie Ryan


Singing Songs of Sorrow in Worship and Prayer

Fr John Fitz-Herbert

How and when does the church gathered sing its repertoire of lament? Exploring examples of lament and protest within the psalms, hymns and songs of the world-wide church when all is not right with the church and the world.

As One Voice – eMusic

Amanda McKenna & Gina Ogilvie

Music within the church connects us to the past, the present and leads us into the future. This lively and inspirational workshop will showcase a range of contemporary songs and hymns from the brand new As One Voice eMusic collection, for use in parishes and schools, and demonstrate appropriate song choices for liturgical and catechetical settings.

To Serve as Jesus Did: Ministering in the Name and Spirit of Christ

Marty Haugen

All of us who minister are called to serve and nurture others in the name and spirit of Jesus. We will sing and pray and share our stories; together we will explore how Jesus’ life, teachings and actions offer us a model and a challenge for our own faith journey.

The following material is available for download:

Copyright, Getting It Right!

Monica O’Brien

Confused about copyright? Not sure how to manage copyrights for church music in your parish or school? Interested in an affordable, online solution? A power-packed session with plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

Together As One; To Gather As One

Andrew Chinn

A workshop for those who work with children in catechesis and children’s liturgy. The workshop will cover a range of strategies and music that will enhance the teaching and celebration of our faith. The Directory for Masses with Children will be a key resource.

Gotta Sing; Gotta Pray

Andrew Chinn

From January to December, from Kindergarten to Year 6, music is a path to the heart and a path to faith. Come and join Andrew Chinn on a journey through the school and liturgical year and see how music can be used to enhance teaching and learning, prayer and celebration, sacraments and liturgy. Andrew will share a range of songs, stories and strategies that will bring joy and depth to the faith life of your class, your school, your church.

The Music of Br Colin D. Smith, cfc

Donrita Reefman

This is a sing-along showcase of the music of the late Brother Colin D. Smith.  There will be opportunities to purchase his music before and after the session.

The following material is available for download:

An Unlikely Tool – The Royal School of Church Music

Donrita Reefman

The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) was established by a Sydney Man in the UK for musicians of the Anglican Church.  Donrita will discuss how RSCM Australia can be a valuable tool for liturgical music ministers of all denominations in today’s church.

The following material is available for download:

Musician and Christian: Holding Together Two Calls in One

Dr Maeve Heaney VDMF

This workshop will aim to open a space of reflection on this theme and offer clues on how to hold together the necessary tension between them in a way that is both possible and fruitful.

Tried and True Treasures: Our Journey in Song at the Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart, Diocese of Maitland Newcastle

Dr Ann Millard Daugherty

This breakout session features 20 songs all written in the past 20 years that have effectively led to full and active participation in the Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart in Maitland Newcastle Diocese.  The carefully selected list includes music from different styles and composers.  Each piece has been introduced to the Cathedral parish over the past few years and has proven highly successful.  The twenty pieces include music for each liturgical season, music appropriate for celebrations of each sacrament, and music for the ordinary of the Mass.  The repertoire includes different styles of music from chant to contemporary Christian.

The “Tweet” Sound of Music

Beth Doherty

This workshop will look at how different forms of social media can be used to write, compose, promote and develop Christian music.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: The Communion Song Revisited

Paul Mason

This workshop explores the power of songs to express our spiritual union during Communion.

The following material is available for download:

Music Within the Mass

Paul Mason

This workshop reviews the underlying principles for choosing music for the Mass, and briefly reviews the available resources that can help musicians in making choices on a week by week basis.

The following material is available for download:

Children’s Choirs: Cherubs and Challenges

Patricia Smith

Interactive workshop developing ideas on the importance of children’s participation in liturgy, the role of the children’s choir, ideas for nurturing children’s choirs and cantors, and choir games.

The following material is available for download:

The Circle of Mercy: Prayer, Music & Ritual for the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Paul Skippen

‘The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel’. (Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium) A journey of prayer, ritual, music and song exploring the theme of God’s Mercy.

Exploring Catholic Worship Book II

Jennifer O’Brien

This session will look at the structure and content of the new Catholic Worship Book II.

The following material is available for download:

The Church Organ: Perfect for the Music of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Jim Clinch

A Master-class on the organ.

Songs for the Journey of Christian Initiation

Sophy Morley

Explore the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and how liturgical music is an important and desirable element of celebrating the rites and encouraging the faith community’s participation in faith journey of their catechumens and candidates.

Called to sing the praises of God

Sr Ursula O’Rourke SGS

As baptised Christians, we are called to be people of prayer, giving praise to God and interceding for the needs of all the world.  Through the singing of psalms and hymns at morning and evening, the principal times for the Church’s daily prayer, we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and offer ourselves as a living sacrifice of praise to God.