Cantor stand with music, looking out onto a group of people.
4O9A7313 Thursday morning prayer


The Australian Pastoral Musicians Network Inc. (APMN) promotes the art of Religious Music in the service of the Church in Australia through education, support, networking and advocacy, with a special focus on supporting the use of Australian compositions.

Our Aims

The APMN aims to actively assist parishes, schools and other Church agencies to have educated, skilled musicians and composers available for the vital ministry of providing suitable quality music for worship, church life and religious education.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the APMN are:

  • To provide mutual support for pastoral musicians, composers, liturgists and clergy;
  • To provide networking channels for mutual professional assistance and for the sharing of information regarding methods and resources;
  • To provide support and collective representation for musicians, singers, composers, teachers and clergy involved in religious music;
  • To encourage good music in worship, church life and religious education.